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  1. A lovely song by a very talented person! I hope many more people get to hear and share this song! It captures every parent’s feelings about their child!

  2. What a wonderful song Pat. It reminds me of watching my own children grow up and wanting them to stay young. It reminds me of a song that was around when I was young called Turnaround.

  3. Such a nice song! Its authenticity makes it especially relevant to modern parents and grandparents. As a grandma myself, it brought a few tears to my eyes.

  4. Pat Field hits all the right notes with her song “Angels Hold Lollipops.” As a mother of two grown children the lyrics brought me right back to the days of diaper bags and “toys thrown all over the rug”. Now, as a grandmother of four, with time to spare, the words of the song are relevant yet again. For now I am privileged to relive so many precious moments with my children’s “angels”. What a wonderful song!

  5. A beautiful song by a fabulous artist, Pat Field, who writes original songs such as ANGELS HOLD LOLLIPOPS, and professionally records them. This song brought back many wonderful memories.
    It’s a fabulous recoding for yourself
    or to give as a gift. Don’t pass up this
    special opportunity!

  6. This is a most touching and beautiful song, professionally recorded, sung and written by one of my favorite songwriters, Patti Field…who brought us the funny but true song called “The Dieting Blues”.. as well as other great songs..like “You Ain’t Takin’ Coffee Away from Me ! ”
    She has tons of heart and humor and she tells it like it is. In “Angels Hold Lollipops”, she has a way of piercing the heart with a sense of wonder at what angels little people can be and how they create magic in our lives. This is a song which could only be written by someone who loves children very deeply and a songwriter who can capture that feeling in a song. That is not an easy thing to do, but Patti does it perfectly in this song. You must buy this for your daughter’s wedding or any occasion which would open people’s hearts and make them feel. Sometimes it is better done by a song than anything. Thank you for writing this one Patti, I was at the wedding where the father-daughter dance was done . It was perfect for that. This is a hit song, written with love, and waiting for you to take it home.

  7. This is such a beautiful song! It captures how you felt with your own children, and becomes even more poignant when you meet your grandchild for the first time. A heartfelt message of the wonder and amazement that children bring to us all.

  8. I never heard anything so beautiful. It not only brought tears to my eyes, but, I
    had chills up and down. I was blessed with two angels in my life, one grew under my heart and the other in my heart. My husband and I had one beautiful
    daughter and we adopted our beautiful son.

  9. Beautiful song about the beauty of new life, where the lyrics tug at your heartstrings. As a new Grandmother I appreciate the love and joy felt from this song!

  10. Love, Love, Love this song! The words touched my heart so, and the music and vocals combine perfectly! I couldn’t wait to share this song with my daughter; a reminder of why I love her so much! Thank you for creating this heartfelt song!

  11. When I shared this song with my 75 year old father he immediately called me and told me to tell my wife he loves her. I could hear that he was crying as he spoke. Thank you for writing this song!

  12. I LOVE this song!! The words are so relatable. They are also genuine, honest, pure and authentic. They really touched my heart. It holds a very special place in my heart since I played this song during my wedding reception for my father and daughter dance. I highly recommend this song!! It’s the perfect mother/son or father/daughter song for any wedding!! Two thumbs up!!

    1. I loved this song from the first time I heard it. As a mom and grandmom, it tells a story of love and transformation. I’m enclosing copies for baby shower gifts. Great singing style!

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